Charlotte NC
Departs From Charlotte, Raleigh & Durham
COST:  $395.00
CONTACT: Delores Reid-Smith
PHONE: (704) 532-6403

EMAIL: delores_reid_smith@carolina.rr.com
WEB: http://www.king-raleigh.org/register/register-selma.cfm


Atlanta ~ Tuskegee ~ Selma ~ Montgomery ~ Birmingham ~ Memphis

April 3 - April 6, 2012


For the twelth consecutive year the Asheville, Charlotte, Durham and Raleigh MLK Committees in collaboration with The North Carolina Martin Luther King Resource Center, are pleased to sponsor a bus trip to Atlanta, Georgia; Selma, Tuskegee, Montgomery and Birmingham, Alabama; and to Memphis, Tennessee to retrace the steps of Dr. King and other civil rights heroes. The award-winning excursion will visit historical monuments and museums in the bedrock areas of "The Movement's" epic center.

This area of the country was the setting for many history making achievements by African Americans and courageous, morally principled white citizens. The whole purpose of the tour reinforces that more of us should better understand, appreciate and acknowledge how all of this relates to the present and future.

During the trip, we will visit the birth home of Dr. King and walk along historic "Sweet Auburn Avenue" in Atlanta and the Martin Luther King Center where his tomb rests. We will relive the experience of the bravery of the people who endured "Bloody Sunday", then made the harrowing Selma to Montgomery March for voting rights. We will be better able to understand the inspiring words of Dr. King who led the March as well as get to know the unsung heroes, ordinary men and women who risked their lives to register Blacks to vote. We will relive Rosa Park's nonviolent protest in Montgomery that inspired the movement that helped open equal access to public facilities. We will also spend time in Birmingham and in Memphis we will visit the Internationally acclaimed National Civil Rights Museum and Lorraine Hotel where Dr. King was slain.

Many historians have acknowledged that the work and sacrifices of Dr. King and other pioneers of the Civil Rights Movement helped pave the way for the election of America's first African American President. Museums in Montgomery, Birmingham and Memphis are adding new attractions which will highlight and educate citizens with timelines and events which helped change the trajectory of multiracial attitudes and voting patterns nationwide.

Below you will find the list of attractions we will visit, the day-by-day itinerary and recommended tour tips.

An Excellent Experience For Youngsters As Well

Most Quoted Reaction: "This Tour Was The Most Informative And Inspiring Trip I've Ever Taken"




* Before You Depart Learn About The Treasures You Will Visit By Clicking The Blue Line Under Each Venue Name

Martin Luther King, Jr. Birth Home Museum
Martin Luther King, Center
Tuskegee Airfield & National Museum
Historic Tuskegee Institute
George Washington Carver Museum
Booker T. Washington Museum
The Renowned National Voting Rights Museum
Historic Edmund Pettus Bridge
The Rosa Parks Museum
Southern Poverty Law Center Civil Rights Memorial
Dexter Avenue Baptist Church
Brown Chapel AME Church
The Famed Sixteenth Street Baptist Church
The Birmingham Civil Rights Museum
Kelly Ingram Memorial Park
Lorraine Motel National Civil Rights Museum

This historic trip is scheduled for April 3 - April 6, 2012

Tour prices start at only $395 per person which includes luxury bus transportation, entrance to 14 historic sites and 3 nights hotel lodging, fellowship dinner and an engraved souvenir tee shirt. Citizens from any State or location may take the tour. There will be room for 166 riders (3 buses). Those who confirm first will be guaranteed seats. One half deposit deadline is anytime before February 15, 2012. Full fare payment due by March 10, 2012.

Quad Package, $395 per person (4 to a room)
Triple Package, $425 per person (3 to a room)
Double Package, $495 per person (2 to a room)
Single Package, $615 per person (1 to a room)

Interested individuals and groups are asked to contact any King Committee representative to reserve space.

In Asheville contact: Orleane Simmons (828) 281-1624 E-Mail Orleane
In Charlotte contact: Delores Reid Smith 704-532-6403 E-Mail Delores
In Durham area contact: Nelson Kerr (919) 949-3546 E-Mail Nelson
In Raleigh area contact: David Prince (919) 368-5767 E-Mail David


Bruce Lightner, Tour Logistical Director
North Carolina Martin Luther King Resource Center, Inc.
312 Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard.
Raleigh, North Carolina 27601
(919) 834-6264
E-Mail Bruce



Please be advised to eliminate and/or avoid last minute confusion and to offer you more flexibility in planning, please know that the Tour Committee is pleased to announce that an official Cancellation Refund Policy has now been established. Cancellations made prior to the 45 day window will be deducted a $25 per person administrative fee.

- Deposits or full payments which are canceled 45 days prior
to the trip will be cheerfully refunded at 100%
- Deposits or full payments which are canceled 45-30 days prior
to the trip will be refunded at 50%
- Deposits or full payments which are canceled 15 days prior
to the trip will not be refunded.



"This was the most historically enriching and emotionally fulfilling experience of my life"


Tuesday, April 3, 2012
11:00 PM (Monday Night April 2nd) Loading, MLK Memorial Gardens, Raleigh
12:00 AM Loading, Sheraton Imperial Hotel, Page Road, RTP
3:00 AM Loading, University Park Shopping Center (2123 Beatties Ford Road), Charlotte

Tuesday, April 3, 2012
12:00 AM Depart Martin Luther King Gardens, Raleigh
12:30 AM Depart Sheraton Imperial Hotel, Page Road, RTP
3:30 AM Buses Depart University Park Shopping Center, Charlotte

Tuesday, April 3, 2012 ~ ~ ~ Atlanta and Tuskegee
6:00 AM Breakfast Stop
8:45 AM Caravan Arrives Atlanta, Georgia
9:00 AM Tour MLK Tomb & MLK National Museum Site
11:00 AM Board Bus For Tuskegee, Lunch Stop @ McDonald's
12:00 PM Buses Depart Atlanta for Tuskegee
Time Change @ GA-Alabama Border, Set Watches Back 1 Hour
12:45 PM Caravan Arrives Tuskegee, Alabama
1:00 PM Tour George Washington Carver Museum
2:00 PM Tour Tuskegee Airmen National Museum
3:00 PM Tour Booker T. Washington Monument/Tuskegee Campus
5:00 PM Dinner, Kellogg Conference Center, Tuskegee Campus
7:00 PM Check In, Marriott Suites, 5047 Townplace Dr., Montgomery
8:30 PM Hospitality Suite Opens - Courtesy: WRAL-TV, AT&T N.C., News & Observer, N.C. Bankers Association, Bojangles, Progress Energy, Pepsi Bottling Company, York Properties


Wednesday, April 4, 2012 ~ ~ ~ Selma, Alabama
6:00 AM Wake Up Call
6:30 AM OYO Breakfast Stop In Montgomery
7:30 AM Buses Roll Towards Selma
9:00 AM Tour National Voting Rights Museum
10:30 AM Tour Slavery & Civil War Museum
12:00 PM On Bus Box Lunches From Wallace Community College
12:30 AM Walk Across Historic Edmund Pettus Bridge
1:00 PM Depart For Montgomery

Wednesday, April 4, 2012 ~ ~ ~ Montgomery, Alabama
2:30 PM Tour Rosa Parks Museum
4:30 PM Tour Southern Poverty Center Civil Rights Memorial
5:45 PM Ride By Dexter Avenue Baptist Church
5:55 PM Ride By Home Of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
6:30 PM Brotherhood Dinner, Martha's Restaurant (Courtesy WRAL-TV & Progress Energy)
8:00 PM Return To Courtyard by Marriott Montgomery, Alabama
8:30 PM Youth & Adults Talent Show

Thursday, April 5, 2012 ~ ~ ~ Birmingham, Alabama
6:00 AM Wake Up Call
6:30 AM Hotel Courtesy Breakfast
7:30 PM Depart For Birmingham, Alabama
9:30 AM Arrive Birmingham
10:00 AM Tour Famed Sixteenth Street Baptist Church
11:30 AM Tour Birmingham Civil Rights Museum
1:00 PM Walk Through Kelly Ingram Park
1:45 PM Buses Depart Downtown Birmingham For Memphis
2:15 PM Lunch Stop, Glory Family Dinning, Fairfield, Alabama
6:00 PM Buses Arrive Memphis, Tennessee
6:15 PM Check In - Marriott Court Square Suites, Memphis
8:30 PM OYO Beale Street Freelance Tour (Have Fun)

Friday, April 6, 2012 ~ ~ ~ Memphis, Tennessee
5:30 AM Wake Up Call (Put On Your Tour Tee Shirt)
6:00 AM Breakfast @ McDonalds or I-HOP
8:30 AM Buses Depart For Downtown Memphis
9:30 AM Tour National Civil Rights Museum (Lorrine Hotel)
1:30 PM Buses Depart Memphis For North Carolina
2:15 PM Highway Lunch Stop
2:15 PM Highway Dinner Stop

Saturday, April 7, 2012 ~ ~ ~ Homeward Bound
Time Change At Tennessee/North Carolina Line Set Watches Up One Hour

1:45 AM Buses Arrive In Charlotte
5:00 AM Buses Arrive In Durham
5:30 AM Buses Arrive In Raleigh

Recommended Tour Tips

Tour Tip # 1 During the course of the tour there will be periods of travel time during the evening hours. It is acceptable and recommended that passengers bring along a pillow and a light blanket.

Tour Tip # 2 Some riders will choose to bring along their cell phones. No problem. A great way to stay in touch with loved ones back home. However, please remember to bring your charger.

Tour Tip # 3 One of the highlights of the tour (there are many) will be the "Brotherhood Dinner" on Wednesday at Martha's Place in Montgomery. This is a first class "soul food" restaurant. If there are any riders who are on a restricted diet or who would otherwise prefer another type of cuisine, please let us know well before departure.

Tour Tip # 4 It has been suggested that we provide a time for those who wish to get a little exercise each day. We have arranged with the hotels an opportunity to "power walk" around the hotel property before breakfast each morning. In order to stay on schedule we recommend that you request a wake up call 30 minutes earlier than the wake up time posed on the itinerary.

Tour Tip # 5 The tour's webpage has the web address of each place we will visit. It would help you navigate the various venues upon arrival and allow you to be more familiar with what they have to see and do. Most venues will allow pictures to be taken. Some do not. But, it would be a good idea to bring your camera and/or video recorder. The Tour's day-by-day manifest is here also. Please book mark this page so that you may reference it at your leisure. Please click here to review: http://share.triangle.com/mlktour

Tour Tip # 6 Probable weather forecasts suggests that Central Georgia, Alabama & Tennessee temperatures in early late mid April will range from 74-78 during the day and 52-63 during evening hours. Would be prudent to bring a jacket and/or sweater. The long range forecast does not show any significant rain for the duration of the tour. However, it is still a good idea to pack a small umbrella ... just in case.

Tour Tip #7 During some stretches of the tour we will be on the bus for a few hours between rest stops. It is permissible to bring along small coolers as long as they can fit under your seat. Coolers should not be placed in overhead compartments. There will be no smoking on the bus. Periodic rest stops are scheduled for those who must light up can exit the bus.

Tour Tip # 8 We recommend passengers dress comfortable, casual dress attire will be appropriate for the entire tour. We especially recommend that you bring comfortable walking shoes, high heals and pumps are discouraged. One Suitcase and one carry on bag are allowed per passenger. Blankets and pillows are also recommended for traveling.

Tour Tip #9 There will be citizens of all ages on the tour including youth. One of the marvels of past tours is that once we get underway there becomes a wonderful "bonding" process with fellow travelers. Please do not be shy about getting to know others on your bus. Seniors and adults are asked to keep a watchful eye on young folk to make sure they are safe and acting properly. In many respects ... we become one huge family. We do not allow disrespectful, loud or rude behavior at anytime on this tour. Parents or chaperones of young people are respectfully asked to reinforce this prior to departure. There will be no "doo- rags" or "sagging pants" on this tour and this rule is nonnegotiable.

Tour Tip # 10 There will be a Youth Tour Talent Show on Wednesday, April 4th at 9:00 PM in the Tour's Hospitality Room in Montgomery. Singers, poetry, dancers, tour experience recitals are some of the talents which will be showcased. There will be no entry requirements. Interested youth, (or parent) should let their Bus Captain know that they wish to participate. At the conclusion there will be a team of three judges who will determine the grand prize winners. The Bus Captain will choose who will be the judges. First Prize $50.00, Second Prize $35.00 , Third Prize $20.00.

Tour Tip # 11 This is an all important point to reinforce. Because the tour starts just after Midnight a few riders in past years have become confused over the exact departure time, AM or PM. If you are departing from Raleigh please plan to arrive at the King Gardens around 11:00 PM, Monday Night, April 2nd . If you are departing from Durham, please arrive at the west side parking lot at the Sheraton Imperial Hotel on Page Road, RTP at 12:00 AM (while dark) early Tuesday morning, April 19th. If there are there are any uncertainties please call us well before departure time.

Tour Tip # 12 We're confident you are going to love this tour and will be amazed at the tactical precision, safety considerations, professionalism and courtesy of our bus drivers and tour organizing committee. Quite a few who are on the 2012 tour go every year. So therefore, you will have experienced travelers who will make sure that your comfort and happiness is priority one.


Yes, I'm Interested. Please Hold Space For Me/Us For The 2012 Heritage Tour: Mail This Form To:

MLK Heritage Tour 2012
Martin Luther King Resource Center
Post Office Box 28696
Raleigh, North Carolina 27611-8696

Name: __________________________________________________

Address: ________________________________________________

City/Town: ______________________________ Zip______________

Phone: (_________) _____________________

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Number Of People In My Group: ______

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If by chance you can't find a way to join us this year .. please note that next year's tour will be held April 2-5, 2013