Raleigh NC
Departs From MLK Memorial Gardens
COST:  $295.00
CONTACT: Bruce Lightner
PHONE: (919) 834-6264

Historic Annual Washington, D.C. Cultural Bus Trip
August 14th, 15 & 16th, 2015

Buses Leaving From Raleigh, Durham and Greensboro

We will go into and tour The White House

Various Martin Luther King Committees from throughout North Carolina are sponsoring a bus trip to Washington, D.C. on August 14-16, 2015 to participate in the Annual D.C. Cultural Bus Trip. Come join us for this historic occasion to celebrate what has occurred and the advancements made since the historic Civil Rights Movement. We have room for a limited number of citizens. Please make your reservation now. We expect great interest in this trip. Please contact one of the representatives shown below.

Raleigh Area Contact: Bruce Lightner (919) 834-6264 E-Mail Bruce
Durham Area Contact: ____________________________
Greensboro/High Point Area Contact: Mashell Connor (336) 362-1418 E-Mail Mashell
Charlotte Area Contact: Delores Reid-Smith (704) 532-6403 E-Mail Delores


* Before You Depart Learn About The Treasures You Will Visit By Clicking The Blue Line Under Each Venue Name

African American Civil War Museum
National Martin Luther King Memorial:
Spirit Of Washington Dinner Cruise
Turf Valley Resort Hotel
Saint Paradise Cafeteria,1123406.html

Mount Calvary AME Church
Transportation Provided By

Tour prices start at only $275 per person which includes luxury bus transportation, entrance to 6 historic sites and 2 nights hotel lodging, riverboat dinner cruise, participation in various 50th March On Washington events, and an a mighty good time. Citizens from any State or location may take the tour. There will be room for 166 riders (3 buses). Those who confirm first will be guaranteed seats. One half deposit deadline is anytime before June 30, 2014. Full fare payment due by August 1, 2014.

Join us for a luxurious Dinner Cruise Up The Potomac on The Sprit Of Washington Riverboat

Raleigh & Durham Itinerary Only

2:30 am Boarding John Hall Presbyterian Church, Chartage, N.C.
4:00 am Boarding at Martin Luther King Memorial Gardens, Raleigh, N.C.
4:45 am Boarding at Sheraton Imperial Hotel, Durham, N.C.
5:00 am Buses leave Durham heading to Washington, D.C.

4:00 am Boarding at Martin Luther King Memorial Gardens, Raleigh, N.C.
4:45 am Boarding at Sheraton Imperial Hotel, Durham, N.C.
5:00 am Buses leave Durham heading to Washington, D.C.

7:30 am OYO Highway Breakfast Stop
9:45 am Buses Arrive in Washington, D.C.
10:00 am All Buses Tour The White House
11:30 am OYO Lunch Saint Paradise Cafeteria
1:00 pm Tour The Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial on National Mall
2:30 pm Depart MLK Memorial for Greenbelt Maryland for Hotel Check In
4:00 pm Check In Holiday Inn Greenbelt, 7200 Handover Dr. Greenbelt, Maryland
4:45 pm Depart Hotel for Riverboat Dinner Cruise
6:00 pm Riverboat Dinner Cruise Along The Potomac River
9:00 pm Return to Holiday Inn Greenbelt
10:00 pm Hunker down for good night's sleep. Tomorrow will be demanding

7:00 am Hotel Wake Up Call
8:00 am Buses Depart Hotel For Washington
8:30 am OYO Highway Breakfast Stop
10:00 am All Buses Tour African American Civil War Museum
12:00 pm OYO Lunch (TBD)
2:00 pm Tour Exhibit: "Emancipation Proclamation & 1963 March On Washington"
Smithsonian National Museum of American History
4:00 pm Tour National Museum of African American History & Culture
Smithsonian Institute, Washington, D.C.
6:00 pm Daily Cultural Concert, Millennium Stage, The Kennedy Center
8:00 pm OYO Dinner - Golden Corral, 6701 Chesapeake Center Dr., Glen Burnie, Md
9:00 PM Return To Hotel

8:00 AM Wake Up Call
9:00 AM Buses Depart For Fall Church, Virginia
9:30 am OYO Highway Breakfast Stop

11:00 am Tour's Church Service at First Baptist Church, Falls Church, Virginia
11:30 Raleigh's MLK All-Children's Choir Performs During Church Service
12:30 am Lunch Courtesy First Baptist Church
2:00 PM Buses Depart Falls Church Virginia for North Carolina

6:00 PM Buses Arrive at Sheraton Imperial Hotel, Durham
6:30 PM Buses Arrive at Martin Luther King Memorial Gardens, Raleigh
7:30 PM Buses Arrive Cartage

Annual Historic Washington, D.C. Trip Cost Per Person

Quad Package (4 people to a room) $255.00 per person
Triple Package (3 people to a room) $305.00 per person
Double Package (2 people to a room) $345.00 per person
Single Package (1 person to a room) $455.00 per person

Trip package includes luxury bus transportation, hotel accommodations at the luxurious Tuff Valley Resourt Hotel, entrance to historic sites, Riverboat Dinner Cruise, and a wonderfully good time.


Please be advised to eliminate and/or avoid last minute confusion and to offer you more flexibility in planning, please know that the Tour Committee is pleased to announce that an official Cancellation Refund Policy has been established.

- Deposits or full payments which are canceled 45 days prior
to the trip will be cheerfully refunded at 100%
- Deposits or full payments which are canceled 45-30 days prior
to the trip will be refunded at 50%
- Deposits or full payments which are canceled 29 days prior
to the trip will not be refunded.

Please Note : A 10% administrative fee is subjected to be assessed on cancellations. This covers the time and expense involved with making hotel reservations in your name, sending deposits for the Riverboat Dinner Cruise and the tremendous amount of work and coordination it took to compile data and send your information to The White House to seek security clearance for you.

Trip Sponsored & Coordinated By:
The Raleigh Martin Luther King Committee
The Durham Martin Luther King Committee
The Greensboro Martin Luther King Committee
The Charlotte Martin Luther King Committee

Historic Annual Washington,D.C. Bus Trip Registration Form

Your Departure City: _________________________________

Name: _________________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________

City/Town: ______________________________ Zip ________

Phone: ________________________________________________

Email Address: ________________________________________

Number Of Seats Needed: ______

Number of Rooms Needed: ______
Non-Smonking ____ Smoking ____

Names of Guests In Room # 1

____________________ ____________________

____________________ ____________________

Names Of Guests In Room # 2
____________________ ____________________

_____________________ ____________________

Call or email first to make sure there is still avilability.
General Inquiries can be sent to:
Raleigh Martin Luther King Committee, Inc.
Post Office Box 28696
Raleigh, North Carolina 27611-8696
(919) 834-6264
E-Mail King Committee


Thank you again for traveling with us to Washington DC to witness the 50th Anniversary Celebration Of the Historic 1963 March On Washington. As you can imagine, many citizens from across the country and World are coming as well. The Capitol City is expecting thousands of visitors for this occasion. We are providing you with tips to help protect you and your co-passengers during our visit. Welcome aboard.

1. There is a copy of the itinerary for the trip in the info package as you board the bus. Please familiarize yourself with it so that you will know what to expect and when. We put a priority on staying on schedule. It would be good for you to keep your itinerary with you at all times. On Raleigh & Durham buses, prior to boarding you will be given a personalized name badge. This badge identifies you as being a certified traveler to have access to the bus and venues. Your name badge is your boarding pass. Please keep it around your neck during the duration of the trip.

2). There will be periods of night travel. We recommend that you bring along a light blanket and pillow.

3. There is a Bus Captain at the front of each bus. He/she will assist you with any questions or concerns that may arise. Please give the Bus Captain your undivided attention when instructions or presentations are being made. Effective communication is 85% listening.

4). Please be at your designated spot to board the bus at least 30 minutes before the scheduled departure. This will allow time for luggage to be loaded and for the Bus Captain to determine who is present. Two pieces of luggage can be placed at the bottom of the bus and one carry-on bag will be allowed. Please dress comfortably and bring your walking shoes. But, according the the Farmer's Almanac tempters in Washington in late August will be highs during day time in the low 90's and lows during the nighttime hours in the mid 70's. The long range weather prediction shows no participation during our stay in Washington. But, it would not hurt to bring along a small umbrella ... just in case.

5). It is important that you sit in your assigned seat both initially and after each stop. This is to help assure that all passengers are on the bus and accounted for before the driver is given the okay to proceed. You may move around freely and get to know fellow passengers while on the highway. You may also "switch" seats with others in your party as long as the Bus Captain is made aware. Please let your Bus Captain know if someone in your group is not on the bus at the scheduled time of departure.

6). There will be no smoking on the bus. Periodic stops are scheduled for those who must light up, stretch or for other reasons to exit the bus. Passengers are asked to be extremely careful and watch your step at all times when exiting the bus.

7). Room keys will be issued to a primary person in your group upon arrival at each hotel. Please stay on the bus until you receive your room key from your Bus Captain or their designated assistant. Any guest may request an additional key once everybody is in their room. The hotel will have the names of all occupants of each room. For your protection, the hotel desk clerk may require ID to be shown before releasing additional keys. The hotel will also require you to leave a deposit if you wish to make long distant telephone calls, order pay-per-view movies or order meals from room service.

8). If you are traveling with young people, please make sure they understand that the group must "stick together" when visiting the various venues. On Saturday, it will be impossible for everyone to stay together but please make sure young people are not allowed to roam around without an adult.

9). All participants on this trip are expected at all times to be respectful and courteous of all other travelers. Loud, abusive or rude behavior will not be tolerated by anyone. Additionally, young people are prohibited from wearing sagging pants or head do -rags. Any violation of these modest behavior codes will result in the possibility of suspension from the tour and offender sent home at his/her expense. Any incident of this nature the Bus Captain will recommend a course of action whose decision will be final.

10) There will be lots to see and do while on this trip. However, if you need to rest just let your Bus Captain know that you have decided to stay on the bus during a particular stop. Tickets are not required to attend the Anniversary Ceremony but we will all be on the National Mall along with thousands of other citizens from around the country and from around the World. There will be long periods where standing will be required. It would be a good idea to pack a portable folding chair, especially for seniors or others who would have difficulty standing for prolonged periods of time.

11). On Saturday, day it would be a good idea if you bring along snacks for those in your group. Carry bottle of water also. After lunch there will be no scheduled feeding once we arrive on the National Mall for the Ceremony. The next feeding stop scheduled is after we leave Washington and will probably be well after 6:00 PM.

12). LAST, BUT CERTAINLY NOT LEAST TRIP TIP. On Wednesday morning you will receive a "wake up call" from the hotel desk. It is your responsibility to make sure everyone in your room gets up and is ready to board the bus at the designated time. To keep the journey on schedule and functioning properly, the bus will depart at the time shown on your itinerary. We cannot wait for those who do not, for whatever reason, wake up and get on the bus.