Bruce E. 

MLK  Celebration  Committee,  Inc.
312  Dr.  Martin  Luther King,  Jr.  Blvd.
Raleigh,  N.C.  27601-2360
Phone: (919)  834-6264
    Fax:  (919)  833-0723

As founder of the Raleigh King Committee in 1982, Mr. Lightner has distinguished himself as a servant for people, his community, and the tradition of which Dr. King's legacy manifested itself.

A native of Raleigh, Lightner is regarded as a foot-soldier embroiled in the principles of universal brotherhood, economic justice and social responsibility. Lightner's canny ability to effectively communicate with persons across ideological lines has endured him as a recognized community leader by Democrats, Republicans and Independents alike.

Mr. Lightner is unafraid to bring attention to finite inconsistencies between the Constitution and Twentieth Century realities. His passion and what propelled him to work 25 years for the King Holiday is essentially what he considers the essence of his sprituality: "love thy neighbor as thy self and walk humbly upon this earth."

Virtually every program undertaken by the Raleigh King Committee was initiated under Mr. Lightner's stewardship. He is a businessman and President of Lightner Funeral Home. Established in 1911, the Lightner Funeral Home is among the oldest Black-owned businesses in North Carolina.

Lightner also serves as Co-Chair of the Martin Luther King Center For Racial Reconciliation's 35 member Academic Task Force; Director of Communications for the Martin Luther King Association of North Carolina; and a founding board member of the National Martin Luther King Holiday Advisory Commission; and the Moderator of the National Martin Luther King Electronic Network.