The Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Gardens


Conceived, designed and constructed by the Raleigh King Committee, since 1989 this facility is the first
public park in America solely dedicated to the memory of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the
historic Civil Rights Movement. It remains open 24 hours per day for self guided tours.

The memorial features a bronzed life-sized statue of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and is strategically
designed to give young people the opportunity to touch and feel the sculpture. Dr. King's statue is
also mounted on the ground so that handicapped, visually impaired and seniors can relate
physically and emotionally to the statue. This replica is believed to be the world's only life-sized
statue of King depicted in his Doctorate Clerical Robe.

Over 5000 trees, shrubbery and flowering plants accent the park grounds. Off-street parking is
available for school, church and tour buses. At night, ample lighting illuminates the statue, grounds
and parking areas. The King Memorial Wall is home of 2,500 named bricks recognizing the
individuals, businesses, churches and organizations which supported the development of the


MLK Gardens Expansion Underway In 2005

The MLK Memorial Gardens under the auspices of the Raleigh Martin Luther King Committee and in cooperation with the Parks & Recreation Department of the City of Raleigh will undergo a increase in the size and scope of the facility. The public park will be enlarged from one acre to four acres. A Master Plan for expansion ideas was approved by a community based task force involving citizens from throughout the region. Improvements slated to be made during the Summer and Fall of 2005 include:

1). Screened Gazebo or Pavilion

2). Park Benches

3). Sheltered Picnic Area

4). Rest Rooms

5). Drinking Water Fountains

6). State-Of-The-Art Playground Area For Kids

7). New Memorial Recognizing & Honoring Local Civil Rights & Education Pioneers

8). New Memorial Wall For Citizens/family names to be etched in stone as supporters of the expansion

9). State-Of-The-Art Lighting System

10). Additional Surfaced Parking For Autos and Buses

11) New interactive memorial display depicting significant dates and occurrences in freedom movement.

12). Lots of stimulating flowers, trees and open spaces