The Martin Luther King Water Monument


Located within the award-winning Martin Luther King Memorial Gardens, Raleigh, NC, this 12 ton granite sculpture bears the names and attributes of 25 area citizens who distinguished themselves and have made significant contributions in the fields of civil rights, race relations, community improvement and education equality.

The entire stone monument is perpetually covered with a thin veil of clear flowing water creating an environment of introspection and serenity. The monument impressively utilizes ancient Egyptian shapes and themes and blends them with the power of light, stone, water and the written word.



Dr. John T. Caldwell  (1911 - 1995)
Chancellor, North Carolina State University
Powerful Force In Building Race Relations

Ralph Campbell , Sr. (1915 - 1983)
Civil Rights Leader
Parent Of 1st Child To Integrate Raleigh City Schools in 1960. Father of North Carolina Auditor, Hon. Ralph Campbell, Jr. and Atlanta Mayor, Hon. Bill Campbell.

Attorney Fred J. Carnage  (1895 - 1988)
Prestigious Civil Rights Lawyer
1st Black On Raleigh School Board

Rev. John Chavis  (1763 - 1838)
Pioneer Educator
1st Black Ordained Presbyterian Minister in America

Dr. Grady D. Davis  (1919 - 1990)
Civil Rights Leader: Professor, Shaw University, Pastor, Oberlin Baptist Church
Marched & Jailed With Dr. King In Selma, Alabama. Pastor of Union Baptist Church, Durham, N.C. for 27 years.

Dr. O. A. Dupree  (1910 - 1984)
Legendary Motivator & Youth Developer, Professor, Shaw University

Sister Gary  (1906 - 1978)
Pioneer TV Gospel Singer
Founding Pastor, Weslyean First Church of Deliverance

Samuel Harris  (1885 - 1947)
Founder, Harris Barber College
1st Boarding Barber School In North Carolina

Joseph H. Holt , Sr. (1907 - 1995)
In 1956, 1st Parent to Take Legal Action To Integrate Raleigh Public Schools

Charles G. Irving , Sr. (1896 - 1994)
Businessman, Civil Rights Leader, President: NAACP, American Legion & Masons

Paul R. Jervay , Sr. (1906 - 1993)
Businessman, Founding Publisher & Editor The Carolinian Newspaper

Dr. John R. Larkins  (1915 - 1980)
Researcher In Black Economic And Social Conditions and Noted Lecturer

Calvin E. Lightner  (1876 - 1960)
Founder, Lightner Funeral Home
Master Builder Along Hargett Street; Davie Street Presbyterian Church, Shaw University
Father of Raleigh's First African-American Mayor Hon. Clarence Lightner; Grandfather of King Committee Founder Bruce Lightner

Mr. Clarence E. Lightner  (1921-2002)
Highly regarded leader in local and national civic affairs.
Raleigh's first African-American Mayor elected in 1973. Son of Calvin E. Lightner and father of MLK Garden's designer Bruce E. Lightner.

Rev. John W. Ligon  (1869 - 1925)
Influential Minister & Educator
Pastor, Tupper Memorial Baptist Church, 1st Black High School Named After Him

Attorney Samuel S. Mitchell  (1917 - 1982)
Legendary Civil Rights Lawyer
Counsel To Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. First Black Judge To Serve In Raleigh, North Carolina

Berry O’Kelly  (1864 - 1931)
Businessman, Educator & Civil Rights Leader
Founder, National Black Business League

J. J. Sansom , Jr. (1916 - 1989)
Businessman, Civil Rights Leader
President, Mechanics & Farmers Bank

James A. Shepard  (1903 - 1979)
Businessman, Voting Rights Leader
Noted Political Strategist

Vee P. Stephenson  (1931 - 1995)
Civic Leader
Mother Of The Martin Luther King, Jr. All-Children’s Choir

Avery C. Upchurch  (1928 - 1994)
Raleigh Mayor 1983 - 1993
Helped Establish Martin Luther King Memorial Gardens

Dr. Charles W. Ward  (1915 - 1988)
Esteemed Civil Rights Leader, NAACP President Pastor, First Baptist Church

Harveleigh M. White  (1923 - 1975)
Champion Civil Rights Leader
President, Method Civil League & NAACP

Willie Dean "Pat" White  (1944 - 1964)
All-American In Football, Baseball, Basketball, Track & Tennis
America’s Only True Champion In All Sports: Ligon High School, Raleigh, NC

Peter Hines Williams  (1913 - 1979)
Legendary Football & Baseball Coach, Ligon High School Little Blues

Dr. Gus Witherspoon  (1920 - 1994)
Noted Educator and Longtime Professor, N.C. State University
Community Activist & Youth Motivator