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For the 33rd consecutive year, The Raleigh/Wake Martin Luther King Celebration Committee is pleased to sponsor a flagship King Holiday presentation of wholesome, family-oriented, multi-racial events.

This MLK group is said to be among the most diverse and proactive organizations in the Nation. No false prophecy or slick gimmicks here. For soul searching musical "read along" renditions this site is best viewed with Microsoft Internet Explorer. Enjoy...

Community involvement and media coverage helped make this year's event a success.

Click on the links below to see television coverage on King Day activities.

The annual King Holiday affords us all an opportunity to reflect upon the past while seeking hope, determination and an opportunity to act upon the promise of the future. This site is designed to inform and inspire. We welcome your impressions and suggestions. After reviewing of this site, please feel free to post a note by clicking the Feedback icon above.

Bronze Statue of Dr. King
Bronze Statue of Dr. King
King Memorial Gardens
Raleigh, N.C. USA

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 The Raleigh/RTP King Holiday observances are recognized nationwide as being among the best organized and diverse King Celebrations which are well attended each year. You, your family, company, church and civic group are welcomed and encouraged to participate in the various programs. All events are free and open to the public.


The Martin Luther King Celebration Committee, Inc. of Raleigh, North Carolina was chartered as a non-profit, community based organization in 1984 to serve as a multi-cultural citizen's group to help preserve the legacy and example to the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and to plan appropriate ceremonies and programs in conjunction with the legal King Holiday enacted by the Congress of the United States. The Raleigh-Wake MLK Committee's Federal Tax I.D. Number is 58-1837950.

MLK Resource Center's Annual Progress Report.
As a profound commitment to explore and expand Dr. King's vision, click here to review the first report which details the establishment of the North Carolina Martin Luther King Resource Center. Organized by the Raleigh King Committee, the MLK Center is destined to become a regional and national resource. Your comments and observations are welcomed.

The Raleigh King Committee is on the cutting edge of advocacy and promotion of the ideals which Dr. King espoused. Membership is open to all who value and are willing to work to preserve these values. The Raleigh King Committee relies on the goodwill and support of those in the community who recognize the value of the King Holiday.

The Raleigh King Committee was founded and chartered by businessman and community activist Bruce E. Lightner and he served as the group's leader since it's inception.

History and Perspectives

In order to progress, it is imperative that we all know our history and current events as we consider our future. These all contribute to helping us effectively set our paths and energies on realizing our hopes and dreams.

In support of your hopes and dreams, we have assimilated a number of historical references, speeches, recent news and views that we hope will provide you with inspiration, education, and guidance.

The Martin Luther King Celebration Committee, Inc. has been recognized by the Federal King Commission and the King Center in Atlanta as being one of the very best organized and diverse organizations in the United States. Hard work and determination has resulted in the development of the following programs and projects:

In 1990, Mrs. Coretta Scott King presented the national "Keeper of the Dream" award in recognition of the group's tenacity, vigor and commitment to the ideals of universal brotherhood and justice for all.


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